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Africa isn’t for everyone.

Africa as a continent is not known for efficiency or good organization. Despite thorough preparation things can go wrong. Although these problems are mostly solved without too much ado, it helps to be flexible, patient and have a good sense of humour. But think about it seriously – Africa isn’t for everyone.  Africa is far away, vast, hot and dusty, with overwhelming (sometimes  even frightening) natural phenomena. And there is always an element of risk for the traveller – whether health or safety. Unusual language for an organization selling holidays? Maybe.
But we mean it very seriously. Don’t go to Africa if you even think that the discomforts and risks won’t weigh up against the good experiences. Do go if you want to experience one of the most beautiful places on earth. And go well prepared – with the help of Out in Africa.

Some rules of the game

We don’t book only one component of a holiday. Our rule is that you must book at least two components with us - whether it’s your flight plus local transport, flight plus accommodation or local transport plus accommodation. Other important rules of the game:

  • Without a booking form we can’t go any further
  • For airlines and car hire companies we operate only as agent i.e.
    you enter a contract directly with them according to their terms and conditions
    (this is so everywhere, even if others don’t mention it!)
  • Your invoice is normally calculated 3 months before departure and payment is required 2 months before departure
  • Changes and cancellation are subject to our Terms and Conditions
  • Ensure you are well insured - medical insurance (including repatriation and access to an Alarm centre) is compulsory 

Crime in South Africa

It is true that there is a high crime rate in South Africa. Much attention is paid to this both in the country and outside. For the tourist, however, this must be put in perspective. Unlike in some other countries, South Africa has no crime specially aimed at tourists. Most serious crimes are committed in the urban areas. In the townships crime has been prevalent since time immemorial and in the rich "white" suburbs of the big cities there are break-ins and car hijacks. But you are not likely to visit either of these areas - or at least not more than briefly. And it is true that the rural (nature) areas are relatively safe. The reasons for the high crime rate can be found inter alia in the extreme contrast between rich and poor (only in Brazil is the gap bigger) inherited from the Apartheid past, and also in the vast number of illegal guns and less than effective police and justice system. Although crime receives a lot of attention (especially from White South Africans) the chance remains small that you as a tourist will become a victim. Every year tens of thousands of tourists drive round the country without a problem. The only measures we recommend are common sense, as in all developing countries: look out for pickpockets and petty thieves in the cities, don’t  wear visible jewellery, camera's etc, always keep valuable things such as money and cameras on you (or leave them in the hotel safe), never leave valuable documents etc. in the car, don’t just drive off the main road into an unknown area/suburb and don’t drive after dark. So plan your trip well - together with us. Amongst other things, you will receive our flyer Travel Information with more tips for self-drives in South Africa. Should you have further questions, we will gladly answer them. 


Things are getting better in this beautiful country but our advice is still not to self-drive through the country, with the exception of visiting Victoria Falls from Botswana.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Also consult your Ministry of Foreign Affairs for travel advice.