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Quotes/ Proposals

Out in Africa will tailor-make a detailed proposal for your trip to Africa based on the information you supply. Once you are fully satisfied with it and book, we will take care of all that needs to be organized locally. The more you tell us, the better your trip will be. Make sure to include a telephone number.

Information required:
  1. Personal details (full names, address, telephone number, e-mail address, gender, approximate ages, date of birth of travelers of 16 years or younger)
  2. Group composition e.g. are you a couple, friends, students, grandparents/parents/children, other family, etc?
  3. Destination (country/ countries, regions, parks, cities, hotels, lodges, etc)
  4. Highlights or activities to be included in the trip
  5. Mode of transport and type and level of accommodation you prefer
  6. Fitness/ activity level e.g. not so fit, normal fitness level, quite fit/keen hikers, ultra fit/mountaineers. Any cyclists, divers, horse riders, golfers, fishermen, etc?
  7. Other info about you e.g. disabilities, diets, interests (photography, birding, botany?), hobbies, other sports, professional interests (medical, agricultural, teaching, etc?)
  8. Places or things you definitely do not like
  9. Have you been to Africa before? If yes, where and when?
  10. (Very important) budget indication - however vague**
  11. Anything else we need to know eg you want to visit family, you are going to a congress, you need to find a Narina Trogon. Anything that can help us build the right trip and make a first choice out of many, many options.
  12. How did you find us?

Our proposal will start in Africa unless you travel from North West Europe. In that case we can quote on intercontinental flights, if you wish. Regional and local flights in Africa will be included in the proposal, hence we need your full names – exactly identical to your passport.

Again, the more you tell us, the better your trip will be. We look forward to hearing from you!