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Booking with Out in Africa Tours

Click here to download the Booking Form.  Then scan and email it or post it to us. We also need copies of your passport(s) and your deposit. 

This is how the booking usually comes about:

1. Your request: you tell us what you want via the Contact Page, or via a direct email or by telephone.

2. Quote/ Proposal. We put together a tailor-made travel proposal /quote. Our proposals are generally detailed containing information about the route, local flights, car hire/ transport, accommodation, excursions, highlights en route, things to do, etc. You will also receive Terms & Conditions including key vehicle rental conditions and our estimated price. The price is subject to change until 3 months before the start date of your trip when we  send the invoice. We can fix the price earlier, should you prefer, but then you will also have to pay earlier. The proposal is free or charge, subject to availability and able to be adjusted according to your further wishes. It is possible to leave parts of the itinerary open (e.g. for family visits or for work). We do, however,  prefer to organise complete trips. We do not do only car rental or only accommodation.

3. Booking.  When you are ready to book, please e-mail or post us the Booking Form (completed, dated and signed) as well as copies of your passport(s). Please also pay the deposit of 20% of the estimated amount. If tickets need to be printed at the time of booking, they will also have to be paid in full and will be considered part of the deposit. If you need an invoice for the deposit, please request one. You have not formally booked until and unless we have received the Booking Form and the deposit. On receipt of both we will send you a formal confirmation of receipt. 

4. Organising your trip. We will then start making the necessary reservations for your trip. Should we encounter a problem with availability of for example accommodation or transport, we will contact you with alternatives. Once all is arranged we will send you a summary of the confirmed bookings.

5. Confirmed itinerary, invoice and Travel Information. Approximately 3 months before departure, we will send the full confirmed Itinerary and the invoice for the final amount less the deposit. The invoice must be paid in full  10 weeks before departure at the latest. You will also receive our Travel Information for the countries you will be visiting. This contains tips, do's and don'ts about health, luggage, money, self-driving, game drives, etc.
6. Travel documents
Provided your account has been paid in full, you will receive a your Travel Documents package about 2 weeks before departure. This contains vouchers, tickets , etc as well as your confirmed itinerary, now complete with route descriptions, telephone numbers & emergency numbers.

7. Feedback
On your return you will be asked for your feedback. Please let us know how your trip was. Your feedback is important to us and helps us keep our information up to date.