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1-9-2012 15:13:15

Trendy - even after 20 years

It’s always funny to discover that you are suddenly “trendy” because of something you’ve been doing for more than 20 years. I’ve just come across the word “slowcial”.

This apparently refers to the appearance of a movement in reaction to our ever faster but also shallower manner of communication. From letter to fax to email to sms to Twitter - fast communication certainly has its uses. But it’s not enough if you are intending spending a fortune on a trip to somewhere on the other side of the World far from your home continent. Travel to Africa means a lot to find out about so that’s why we have always given extensive information on how to go about it. And this is now regarded as “in” – it would seem. Think too about the slow cooking trend. 

Our travel proposals are really substantial information packs. It always brings us a certain satisfaction to see even the most busy, rushed clients become convinced of our approach and slowly but surely get sucked into the world of Africa and Out in Africa. They gradually relax as they become better informed, which not only makes the planning more pleasant but also increases the chances that the trip will be something really unforgettable. 

By the way, there is another trend which makes us laugh. And here I don’t mean the years-long fashion in khaki clothes, camouflage and animal prints (if only you knew how difficult it was in the old days to put together a wardrobe worthy of a safari!). No, I am referring to so-called  “glamping”. This is luxury, “glamorous” camping – exactly what happened in the 19th century in Africa where it combined (and still combines) the most important part of a successful safari (a perfect location in the bush which can even be moved as the animals move) with all the things that make for a pleasant holiday (soft bed, shower and toilet on hand, good food, glass of wine and the sunset). And this is really nothing out of the ordinary in Africa, although we must mention in all honesty that the real “silver cutlery & crystal glasses” mobile safaris  are also the most expensive way of travelling - i.e. more expensive than staying in a lodge of bricks and mortar. A pity - but if you have the budget it’s absolutely tremendous. 

You can of course choose an in-between form – a little less luxurious level of camping, still with a thick mattress, chair & table, food prepared for you but perhaps sharing the shower and toilet with several others on safari. Or you can go camping with your own 4x4 rental vehicle with roof-top tents and then light the candles every evening yourself – jokes aside, it’s quite possible in Africa as there is generally no wind in the evening. Just don’t ask your own Robert Redford to wash your hair in the river – much too dangerous ;-).

This is a photo of a medium level mobile safari carried out by Wilderness Safaris. The photo was taken by Dana Alan.