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19-12-2011 14:13:02

Is Cape Town the most amazing city on earth?

Thanks for your votes – they must have made the difference ;-). Cape Town is in the running for a place in the Seven New Wonders of the World. The Mother City has made it to the Provisional Final Seven.

This is not one of the self congratulatory lists you see a lot of in the travel world. Apparently, millions of people voted, many from non-western countries (through the miracle of the mobile phone). We now have to wait for the final count and validation. The official results are expected in early 2012. 

The 260 million year old Table Mountain is one of the oldest Mountains in the World. The flat top and steep slopes are a protected National Park, This is the home of Fynbos (Fine or Small Bush), one of only six floral kingdoms on Planet Earth. Some floral kingdoms are vast, spanning nearly two continents. The Fynbos kingdom is the smallest in size, yet (amazingly) the richest in terms of diversity. It is also heaven for small insects. Just recently a new species was discovered on the slopes of Table Mountain: a jumping cockroach (coakroaches normally fly). Its name is Saltoblatella Montistabularis.

Now that is very interesting for biologists or people from Latin language countries. But what is amazing for all of us is that a World Class City was built here. It must be one of the few large nature reserves in the world that is surrounded by a city. And that is not where it stops: mountain and city are surrounded in turn by  great blue oceans teeming with life. 

Cape Town the city has a unique vibe, perhaps best described as a fusion of Africa, Sydney and Amsterdam. There are natural wonders to be enjoyed: Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain, hiking on the slopes, whales, dolphins (and cockroaches). Yet in the evenings you can go out to world class  clubs and restaurants. The beaches are great, but so is the amazing history. A visit to Robben Island and a township are a must. At less than 2 hours driving there is more to enjoy: the wine areas and pretty villages such as Franschhoek (culinary capital of Africa) or the rough ocean surf on your way to a cave-diving-with-sharks trips.

There are direct flights between Cape Town and the safari areas in the East, so Cape Town is the perfect start or end to a complete trip to South Africa. In short: we recommend that you put Cape Town on your own shortlist of Places to Visit.